Top 5 restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city that is visited by thousands of tourists every year. More and more people are attracted by the charms of this city, in addition to delighting in Spanish cuisine. In this post we will show you which are the top 5 restaurants in Barcelona. This city is very rich in all aspects. That is why the opportunity to discover new food and places cannot be missed.

So, you don’t know where to eat in Barcelona and you are looking for the best restaurants? Don´t worry.  Throughout this post you will be able to find different types of restaurants, so that you can select the one that best suits your needs or what most catches your attention. We have made a rigorous selection of the best restaurants in Barcelona so that you can visit the best places to eat hamburgers, fish, paella, meat… of course also affordable.

If you want to try different experiences and satisfy your palate, do not miss any of the restaurants that we will show you below, they will undoubtedly leave you speechless. Do you already have something in mind after reading those juicy topics? What are you waiting for to find your ideal restaurant in Barcelona!

Burger: La Gastronomica Burgers&Beers

In this small restaurant in Carrer de Vilamarí, 9, Barcelona, you can enjoy a variety of the best burgers in Barcelona, as well as fine beers. Certainly, there is a burger for everyone, from bacon to different types of cheese or vegetables.

Of course, there is also a veggie burger available. All of the burgers include a portion of fries and homemade sauce. Besides, you can pick other dishes consisting of vegetables, cheese, meat or fish, as well as tapas. Here in La Gastronomica Burgers&Beers, you will find something delicious for sure!

The burgers are available for an affordable price of 10,50€ to 13,50€

Cheese-Bacon Hamburger
Cheese-Bacon Hamburger

Fish: Arume

As a fish lover, Arume restaurant is a place you should definitely not miss when visiting Barcelona. As one of the best fish restaurants in Barcelona, it offers a variety of seafood, special dishes like paella and tasty desserts. Besides, an excellent selection of wines is waiting for you. The cozy restaurant, located in Calle botella 11, Barcelona, is the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable evening with excellent food and drinks.

The price of the main dishes range between 15,50€ and 21€.


Paella: Güell Tapas

When visiting Spain, one thing should definitely be included in your trip: eating an authentic Spanish dish, namely paella.
This Mediterranean restaurant does not only offer the most popular version of paella with seafood, but also paella with vegetables, chicken or pork, for the people who prefer dishes without seafood. However, that is not everything this great restaurant offers. The menu of Güell Tapas offers a big variety of other specialites as well, including salads, soups, pasta, meat, fish and, as the name of the restaurant indicates, many different tapas. You can enjoy your food with particular wines and afterwards, delicious desserts.

You can find the best paella in Barcelona in Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 20.

Prices of the paellas range from 14,90€ to 18,90€.

Paella with seafood
Paella with seafood


Do you love meats served in large portions and just seeing them makes your mouth water? Then, without a doubt, you have to visit the best steak restaurant in Barcelona.

DON ASADOR is an Argentinian restaurant located in Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 109. It has a price range of 15€- 25€ per person and it is rare that someone stays hungry after such a delicacy.


The service is known to be The value for money is excellent and all the reviews are very good. They have a website and phone number in case the customers want to check what they offer, their availability, about the company, etc. They are open from 13.00 till midnight, ready to give you the best quality meat in Barcelona. You are not that much into grilled but maybe other cooking styles? In DON ASADOR they have grilled, breaded, toasted and seasoned meat, so don’t worry about the variety of options because you will have plenty.


If you are looking for the best cheap restaurant in Barcelona, keeping in mind value for money, this may be your place. Therefore, if you like pastas… BELLA ITALIA is definitely your new favorite cheap Italian restaurant.

They serve meals and dinners and in case you are vegetarian or vegan don´t worry, they alsohave delicious options for you.

Pizza with ham and cheese
Pizza with ham and cheese

Despite serving all kinds of pasta, their specialty is pizza. Customers are amazed by the magnificent presentation and excellent quality of each meal. The service is unbeatable and they are very attentive to customers throughout their stay in the restaurant. It is defined as authentic, cozy and generous (because of the size of the portions that undoubtedly are).

If you are visiting Barcelona with your friends or family and you are looking for a place to spend a beautiful and cheap evening, do not forget to stop by this charming Italian that will leave you wanting to repeat. Give yourself a treat and enjoy authentic Italian food.


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