Steps for a better and younger looking skin

Our skin is something fragile that deserves our best attention. That’s why, even at the age of 50, you owe it to yourself to take the best care of it. Read our 5 tips to get younger skin.

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Sunscreen, you’re the best ally

The golden rule to follow, we no longer present it to you; put on sun cream every day. Whether you are 20, 35 or 65 years old, sun cream is your best ally. It protects the skin in depth and avoids hyperpigmentation that comes with age. This step is essential in your daily morning routine, so don’t miss it.Some products even combine foundation and sunscreen for those of you in a hurry.

Foundation with SPF for an extra protection
Foundation with SPF for an extra protection

Add a makeup primer to your beauty regimen

Indeed, the primer is also an essential step if you wish to protect your skin to the maximum of the external aggressive elements. Especially since it allows your makeup to last longer during your long days or evenings. So don’t underestimate the strength of this product. This tips will benefit you in every way.

Loreal Age perfect makeup primer
Loreal Age perfect makeup primer

Use a good moisturizer

Like sunscreen, moisturizer is the one thing you shouldn’t neglect every morning. It also brings nutritive and protective aspects to your skin in order to survive all the external aggressions. You will also find some products that combine moisturizing cream and sun cream.

Revitalift by l'oréal for a good moisturizer + SPF 50
Revitalift by l’oréal for a good moisturizer + SPF 50

Take care of your nutrition

Anti-aging products are not the only ones to impact your skinYour nutrition also plays a role in the well-being and health of your skin. Give him a healthy and balanced diet, mixing fiber, meat, fish and fresh products to give him the best. A good hydration is also important in the well being and beauty of your skin so drink water!

Consider supplements

Indeed, food supplements are another tip that too many people underestimate. They will provide your skin with all the elements that you may not have in your daily diet. In the long run, these products will help your skin to be healthy and therefore to age less quickly and in a better way .

We offer you one last tip : Exfoliate your skin. The exfoliation step is important in order to deeply cleanse your skin as well as to give it a new look. Indeed, you accumulate perspiration, pollution or makeup, all this mix damages your skin. This step is then important to renew the dead cells accumulated during the week. However, be careful not to abuse it, otherwise it will have the opposite effect of that expected and will damage your skin. Hope all theses tips will help you and offer alternatives to anti-aging products.


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