Combat the boredom of winter fruits

Cold red fruits

When we think of fruit, we often think of fresh fruit, a fruit salad in summer, a refreshing orange juice, etc. But we tend to associate it with good weather, spring, or summer. However, in the colder months we also want to drink a good fruit juice. Besides, the advantages of juices are many: they are easy to digest, they contain antioxidants and nutrients, and they will strengthen our defenses.

 We all know that in winter, the supply of fruit has nothing to do with other times of the year. There is much less variety, and we must find ways to keep eating fruit. However, being in winter, we also have interesting fruit and vegetable options that we can count on. You can now have a melon from South America, even if it is not in season, even if it is not so cheap. Therefore, it is always advisable to consume seasonal products, because, as well as being more affordable, they will also be of better quality.

So, when it comes to eating seasonal fruit, is there any fruit in winter that is not boring? The answer is YES, and here at Pressumia we are going to tell you WHAT FRUIT DO WE HAVE IN WINTER, which we can also find in our juices.

Citrus fruits, the kings of autumn and winter

Oranges, a fruit rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, are a good base for adding other fruits and vegetables later, due to their mild flavor. Another key point of oranges is the fiber found in the pulp, which should not be strained because it is incredibly good for preserving the intestinal flora. In season (October and November), we can even find them for less than one euro per kilo. Vitality, Confidence, Happiness, and Creativity are among our orange juices.

Lemon, as well as providing its characteristic and particularly good spark of acidity, is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Although it is healthy, it is not advisable to consume it in massive quantities due to its acidity. It is advisable to mix it with other fruits such as oranges. Our juices such as Imagination, Attraction, Confidence, Energy, Harmony, and Happiness contain lemon.

Apple, satiating and good for digestion

Apples have the advantage that you can find them at any time of the year. They are very satiating and good for digestion, and the green ones are the best for juicing. In all their varieties, they are a major source of vitamins, and, like oranges, they are an ideal base for any juice. That is why it is the fruit that you can find the most in seven of our juices. Specifically in Imagination, Attraction, Confidence, Energy, Harmony, Happiness, and Creativity.

Red fruits are good for everything

Berries are a BOMB. Besides being the perfect mix of sweetness and acidity, they are very tasty and healthy, because they contain carotenes and antioxidants. Carotenes, as well as giving them that beautiful and appetizing color, provide vitamin A, which is linked to skin care. They are usually combined with apples, which as we said before, is the perfect base for any juice and in our case, you can find red fruits in Atracción.

It is true that it is an expensive fruit, even though it is in season. Fortunately, you can buy it in the frozen section, because, as well as being cheaper, it does not lose its properties until the moment of consumption.

Because, as you may already know, when fruit is heated or undergoes sudden changes in temperature, it can lose its properties. This is the reason in Pressumia we make juices as we do 😉.

Here you have the Post «Improve the quality of your food taking advantage of all the benefits of cold press«, where we talk about how we make the juices and why we make them using the cold press process.

Carrots, not just for getting a tan or improving your eyesight

It may seem a little strange to some, but carrots, apart from creams, vegetable stews, side dishes, as a snack and raw on sticks with hummus, boiled or in salads, are also exceptionally good in other ways. Carrot cake is gaining increased followers (the famous Carrot Cake) and carrot juice is another option that is also very fashionable.

It has a very intense flavor, so it is advisable to mix it with other fruits and always in small quantities. If the percentage of carrot juice were too high, it would cancel out the flavor of the other fruits and vegetables. We recommend mixing it with lemon, orange, and apple. For this reason, you can find it in juices such as Happiness and Creativity.

Spinach, an ingredient that always comes as a surprise 

Spinach smoothie

If it might already seem strange to some people that a vegetable such as carrots should be present in a juice, what would you think of SPINACH? Although we have not invented the wheel, in our juices, as you may have noticed, we try to bring variety and break away from the «classic juices that have to be fruit juices».

Certainly, spinach has always been a classic in the kitchen, due to its great nutritional value, but what if Popeye was right 😊?

You can find spinach in our Armonía juice, try it because you will not regret it. It will surprise you, no doubt.

If, with our explanations of this offer available in winter, we have not convinced you completely (at least with the last two), we encourage you to act. And try the juices in which they are present. Get out of your routine, and you will see how cool it is to combine them, because the blends we offer you are delicious.

Cheers and vitamins!


Iñigo Jofre, Luis García, Uma Acedo, Miriam Vigara

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