What is EAT SEO?

Google is always improving their algorithm in order to make sure what they show to their customers is exactly what they are looking for. Google is always trying to offer their customers the best user experience they can have and that is why experts in digital marketing must always be updated to the latest improvements. One of the latest and most significant updates Google has done is adding the EAT SEO to its algorithm. This new feature of Google, added to all the optimization rules we already know, allows us to position our content as the best one for Google customers. But… do you want to know what does exactly EAT mean? Then keep reading.

What is EAT SEO?

What does EAT SEO mean?

Basically, and in an informal way, EAT SEO is a new feature of Google that is used to make sure that the content you are reading is written by experts in the matter. It is useful especially for controversial topics such as health, finances, etc. EAT positions people as experts so in this way, articles, blogs, etc. written by them will be considered to have more authority and written by experts.


Google values in a positive way content that is written by experts. In order to know if the writer is an expert or not, Google’s algorithm analyzes the reputation of the authors and their trajectory.


As most of you may already know, it is quite important for Google when positioning a web, its authority. Authority is measured by links, reputation, how old the web is, etc.


Trust in a web page is based on legitimacy, transparency and precision of the content of a web. One of the most valued things by Google when we talk about EAT is knowing who writes the content of a web. Is he/she an expert? Is he/she really qualified to inform you about certain topic? 

Why is EAT SEO important for Google?

As we have previously mentioned, EAT is important for Google so that they can give the users the most optimized experience possible. The fact that contents are signed by specialists or experts in the matter treated, gives people the trust they need to believe what they are reading.

Although EAT is important in all matters, there are some topics Google is more sensitive about. Especially those that can influence readers in a good or a bad way. These topics are health, finances, etc. It is quite important with these kinds of topics to offer true and relevant information about the matter. Google’s algorithm will always position an article written by an accredited doctor or financial expert rather than anyone else who has no career.

So basically, and to be clear, EAT is a quality filter Google has to protect users. With this new update, EAT Google SEO wants to make sure that controversial or sensitive topics are treated by those who really know the subject in depth.

How to introduce EAT Google SEO in your content

Generate a trustworthy website with authority

First of all, you must know which is your target. Once you know which are their search tendencies, which are their pains, what do they pay more attention to, etc. You will be able to offer them higher quality information that adapts to their needs.

Your website must inspire confidence and shout EXPERT! To achieve this, you must share all the information you have on the topic you are talking about and create a secure website. All this together will generate a trustworthy website with high authority. We will talk about how to achieve authority a couple topics below.

Become an expert on certain topics

Your content should be specialized content. This means you can’t be jack of all trades, master of none. The whole point of EAT SEO is to make sure that you are an expert on the information you are providing. Therefore, you must decide what your web is going to be about and become a master in a few topics.

You should focus your publications on topics related to your business and provide information that will be useful for users to solve doubts, necessities or any problem.

To be seen as experts it is also essential that you mention all the authors individually. You can point out their social media, personal websites, etc. This way, the users will have a much clearer idea of who is providing the information to them and can have more information about the experts.


As we have mentioned above, authority is essential for SEO. The most common way of gaining authority Is with the linkbuilding strategies. The whole point of this is to point out webs that have a bigger authority than yours with links and try to see that other websites point out your information. All of this will bring you little by little the authority you are searching for and will position you in a better place.

You must keep in mind that abuse of this type of strategy is penalized by Google. The known as  black hat SEO is not recommended and will be penalized by the algorithm.

Updated content

One of the most important things about SEO is to always offer updated content. Your website must be dynamic and constantly evolving. You can’t have static content; the periodic publication of content is essential.

Especially, when talking about EAT SEO, that is focused on sensitive topics, it’s important that the information you are offering is updated. Many people can take decisions based on the information that you are offering to them (as you are considered an expert) and that is why the content must be trustworthy and up to date.


All in all, the creation of quality content that helps to cover the needs of the users is the key to achieving a good SEO position. Therefore, Google is changing its algorithm all the time and optimizing it. To make sure that users have the best experience they can have and find the exact answers they are looking for.

If you follow all the advice, we have given you along this post about EAT SEO, you can be sure you will become a referent in your topic. This will undoubtedly give you higher authority and you will achieve the confidence from the users you are looking for.


María Ramírez and Sofía Ocepek.

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