LaRousse: The new special and known belgian beer

Inspired by Liege’s Bruno Collars and his beer “La Barry”, two Belgian students decided to launch “La Rousse” as an innovative start-up project! A special Belgian beer with aromas and cinnamon that will make you enjoy the opportunity to taste it. 

All lovers of special Belgian beers face difficulties when it comes to finding innovative and original beers. «La Rousse» has been created to meet this need for novelty and intense flavor. This new beer will see the light of day in the region and in the province of Liège for its debut. Produced in this same area, it’s the very reflection of Belgian culture and folklore as far as its traditions are concerned! La Rousse stands out from its competitors thanks to the various Belgicisms on its beer labels. It creates a direct link between the consumer and the country it comes from: «Belgium»! 

All beers lovers wonder about the origin of the name «LaRousse»…

It’s hard to stand out from your competitors if you don’t come up with an innovative name… In Belgium, when a customer goes to a bar and asks for the beers he can find, they always propose two categories: «blondes» and «brunettes». 

But what do we do with the “redheads” ? Here’s how LaRousse stands out at first because “LaRousse” in French means “the redheads”. But that’s not all! Indeed, one of the most famous dictionary brands sold in Belgium is called “Le dictionnaire du petit Robert Larousse”. Larousse beer is a reference in its own right of culture, novelty and difference!

A start-up launched in Madrid!

In September 2023, as part of their Erasmus course, Juliette Knapek and Emma Hembert had the wonderful idea of launching their start-up. The one that would soon revolutionize the Belgian beer market. At just 19 and 18 years old, the two girls decided to take the plunge and make their childhood dream come true. 

After a lifetime spent in Belgian folklore, tasting all sorts of hop juices, the two friends dreamt of something different. Something innovative that would leave a lasting mark on Belgium. Something new and sensational that would not leave their friends indifferent, as they too love to party. 

With the help of their teacher Anna, the project gradually took shape. It wasn’t all plain sailing – the two young adults started from nothing, but with perseverance, time and a lot of hard work, they finally succeeded in giving birth to a lifelong project, Larousse.

What are you waiting for? Just taste it !

Authors: Emma Hembert and Juliette Knapek

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