Discover Madrid’s Premier Poké Bowl Destination: Fresh, Sustainable, and Full of Flavor

Coming soon!  Meet the Poké Lab Madrid- your freshest Poké Bowl destination

The Poké Lab franchise seamlessly transcends borders, embodying a global perspective. Hailing from Amsterdam and Sofia, our roots have always thrived on innovative thinking. Our culinary journey artfully fuses Japanese and Hawaiian influences, enriched by our years of culinary experiences. Armed with a strategy that is distinctly ‘simple, yet different,’ we are rewarded with a well-deserved tangible success—one that acknowledges your time and effort.

We offer an array of services that guarantee convenience, efficacy, and equity across borders and cultures—delivering the experience of superior quality without the heaviness.  Our commitment to sustainability, quality ingredients, and the environment ensures that your international experiences and worldly views are incorporated into crafting a bowl of endless possibilities.

Our philosophy

At The Poké Lab, we’re dedicated to crafting fresh poké bowls using locally sourced ingredients from the market. Our bowls are meticulously balanced to provide you with the perfect blend of nutrients for a healthy meal. With detailed macronutrient information for every bowl, you can stay mindful of your dietary goals. Beyond delicious taste and nutrition, we’re passionate about delivering a the best  dining experience, soon right in the heart of Madrid.

Personalized Bowls

 At The Poké Lab, we’re all about personalization. We invite you to embark on a culinary adventure with our personalized poké bowls. Whether you’re a fan of fresh ingredients, delectable toppings, or mouthwatering sauces, we empower you to craft a Poké bowl that’s truly your own. Select from our array of locally sourced, high-quality ingredients to create a bowl that perfectly aligns with your tastes and dietary requirements.

Beyond Food

At «The Poké Lab,» we’re serving meals and experiences. Our bowls take you on a culinary journey, evoking a sense of travel, adventure, and local community. We’re not just a franchise; we’re a community of food enthusiasts who value responsibility towards the environment and our local communities.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Responsibility

We proudly offer bowls, recognizing that building a sustainable food culture and business can be a challenging endeavor. However, we believe in the importance of nourishment. Care is a key ingredient in our approach – we care deeply about the origin and quality of our products, as well as promoting better, healthier eating for both individuals and the environment. At the heart of this commitment lies our sense of community and responsibility. We cultivate these values in local markets, inviting our customers to join this shared experience. Our dedication to sourcing fresh, quality ingredients extends to our local vendors, including salmon, tuna, and shrimp. Our sauces and toppings are thoughtfully chosen from the local Asian store. Our eco-conscious approach is evident in our packaging choices, which prioritize recyclability and sustainability. Rest assured, our green bins for empty paper bowls contribute to responsible disposal. We even offer the option to return bowls for extended use.

Our Poké bowls are portioned to minimize food waste, and their exceptional taste minimizes biowaste. If you cannot finish, we provide bins for leftovers, emphasizing that waste is an opportunity for renewal. Our commitment isn’t just empty promises; it’s a genuine desire to innovate and meet needs while fostering a dining culture that respects nature. The choice ultimately lies with you as a consumer, and we hope you’ll consider a poké bowl as a part of your thoughtful choices in support of sustainability, the environment, and quality ingredients.

Authors: Davis Kalil y David Tahor

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