McDonald’s Burgers

McDonald’s is the first multinational fast-food company in Spain. Their biggers competitors are Burger King and KFC. As you probably know, McDonald’s burgers are evolving by improving their recipes and changing their restaurant process. They have a big commitment with the Spanish farming and cattle raising and they are investing a lot of money in this and its advertising. 

McDonald’s burgers are now much more hot, juicy and tasty, due to the new cooking techniques they have implemented. There is also a huge variety of McDonald’s burgers you can find, chicken and eat ones, with new recipes quite often. 

However, McDonald’s veggie burgers still missing in the Spanish market. We may think it is because it would not be profitable, but nowadays is quite important to reach all types of targets, much more when the company does have veggie burgers in their menu.  

It is also important to highlight the incredible business development this company has with sustainability. Actually, they don’t have any plastic packaging, as well as they are changing the Happy Meal toys for paper ones. Enthought, customer may not be used to it, it is a big change for the company. They are working on a new business strategy based on the future of the company as well as the future of the planet, with free plastic restaurants. The only time you will see plastic during the buying process, is at McDelivery or McAuto, because when you buy you McDonald’s burger for take away, you are given a plastic top for your drink. 

This company has also opted for the improvements and the development of its menu accessories, such as the new cheese sticks. They also give a lot of support to the development of new McFlurry’s savors, like the new Cornetto one they lunch this summer. Currently, they bet one the famous McDonald’s burger menu, as we saw last year with Aitana and now with Sebastian Yatra. Will they continue with this marketing strategy? We will need to wait to check it.

The McDonald’s burgers which are actually in the market are divided in meat, where you can find: the classic BigMac, Quarter Pounder, Cheeseburger (doble and triple), McRoyal and their McExtreme and Signature section where they have more innovations.  At the chicken products we have: McChicken, CBO, Chicken Cheese, Chicken Burger BBQ, Chicken Mayo (doble and triple), as well as their American Style Chicken (ASC) platform. We can also find some innovation menus like the McWrap or the McFish. 


Iñigo Alonso, Pilar Martín, Andrea Soler y Marina Vicente

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